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Starting a Catalog with Silver Image Studios

Creating a catalog with us can be smooth and rewarding process. Simply follow these steps:

1. Call us at 213.236.4452 to discuss your needs. We’ll generate an estimate and book a photoshoot for your products. We normally schedule shoots 2 weeks in advance. We will arrange models, styling and grooming as needed for your project. For 16 to 40 page catalogs, allow approximately 30 working days after the photoshoot for the final printed product. For catalogs that are 44 pages or more, allow approximately 45 working days. Keep in mind that catalog page numbering increases in multiples of 4, eg.16 pages, 20 pages, 24 pages, etc.

2. Give us your product samples, including accessories, 3 days prior to the photoshoot. You can use FedEx, UPS, or hand deliver your samples to our photo studio at 315 E. 8th St., Suite 1204, Los Angeles, CA 90014. If fabric/color swatches are to appear in the catalog, provide them at this stage, indicating style numbers/names for each swatch.

3. After the photoshoot you may access a digital lightbox to select your shots. Indicate to us the order in which of all the selected shots are to appear in the catalog. If you require assistance, our art directors can help with selection. Provide us with all the text you wish to accompany your photos in the catalog. To refer to catalog page numbering, start with the front cover as page 1, inside front cover is page 2, and so on. Left hand pages are always even numbers, right hand pages are always odd numbers. If you have a logo that will appear on the catalog, send it in electronic format to

5. Our sophisticated graphic design team will then produce a layout including retouched and color corrected photos, text and swatches (if applicable). You will have the opportunity to make corrections with us. Your project will be proofed and must be signed off with your final approval before proceeding to print.